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At Ease Home Watch

At Ease Home Watch in Prescott, Arizona is Certified Home Watch Professional with accreditation by the National Home Watch Association. We are dedicated to providing excellent Home Watch Services to home owners while their home is unoccupied. We visually inspect your home and property looking for obvious issues.  If a problem is found, or the potential for a problem, we will notify you immediately for your guidance to resolve the issue. After the completion of each visit we will email you a field report and pictures of any concern for you to review.

We provide you with the peace of mind knowing your home is being watched by professionals.

With your input, we will develop a customized checklist for the interior and exterior of your home.  As a Certified Home Watch Professional, we are backed by the experience and knowledge of hundreds of other professionals utilizing best practices based upon the needs of different areas of the country and use this to develop our checklist. There maybe other things that you specifically want checked and we will include this in our report after our weekly or bi-weekly check. We know your home is a valuable asset and we are here to help you protect it and ensure the safety of your home.

We watch for problems of water damage, rodents, start your vehicle’s, check appliances, heat and air conditioner, irrigation systems and make sure there is no erosion. If we notice anything that needs attention, we will contact you and assist you in a solution.

We are dedicated trained, insured and bonded professionals to watch over your home. Contact us for more information regarding our services!


At Ease Home Watch is an Accredited Member of the National Home Watch Association.  Additionally, owner Paul Barnes is a Certified Home Watch Professional, meeting the qualifications set forth by the National Home Watch Association.  This puts Paul in the top tier of Home Watch Professionals.

Home Watch is defined as “A visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.”